Increase your productivity without
decreasing joy.
FLOW 365 is a high-end, yearlong program that helps entrepreneurial moms make time and space for clean food, joyful home lives and meaningful practices — alongside work, of course!

The next cohort starts in July! Space will be limited, and awarded on a first come first serve basis. I am looking for 40 women. I have carefully curated an application to make sure, we will make a great team, and you will get great results!
You might want to consider making your way through this page if...
  •  You are are mom striving to raise healthy, joyful kids, but you have not quite mastered balancing your life and your work like you originally intended. 
  •  You have bought books, invested in courses, and attended live events to learn more about health, parenting, organizing, relationships, personal development, or business, and you officially feel like you know too much to do anything “right.”
  •  Your friends think of you as the one who has her shit together, but the truth is that you are exhausted.
FLOW 365 is the system and the accountability that I wish I had had, that will help you to succeed in all areas of your life — food, lifestyle, spirituality and work. 
What if a year from now... ?
  •  Your work goals are defined and meaningful.
  •  Your home feels purposeful and happy, which does not diminish your work success.
  •  You never stress about what’s for dinner, and your kids might actually eat what you make.
  •  You know how to get the "right" things done, and feel really accomplished at the end of each day.
  •  You have created the space you need to grow in wellness and become a better parent.
  •  You get lots of work done without giving up your life.
  •  You practice balance and productivity, and you feel strong.
  •  You have clarity around your dreams and work towards them each day.
  •  You  have a group of other woman who can give you tough love, like a board of directors for your life.
  •  You have energy.
What if a system and some accountability could increase your productivity and joy — both at home and with your work? 
The next cohort starts in July! Space will be limited, and awarded on a first come first serve basis. I am looking for 40 women. I have carefully curated an application to make sure, we will make a great team, and you will get great results!
What the year looks like...
We craft your FLOW Manifesto. We start by documenting your hopes and dreams and what you stand for. This is me, you, and a fellow cohort mama alone on a coaching call. (There is magic in threes and I make a great matchmaker!)
You get a seasonal package in the mail. Each quarter you get a package from me  with a FLOW Planner, the planning sheets you will need, the book of the quarter, and a themed gift. You will look forward to these!

Quarterly Virtual Retreat: Each quarter we will have a retreat to focus on what you need to do for the next 90 days. You will get clear on what you want to focus on for the next 90 days and have time to plan.

Monthly Mission Meetings. On the last Friday of every month we will have planning sessions. This is your no excuse accountability meeting, where you show up to do the work you might otherwise skip. In this meeting we learn from our past month and get ahead on our upcoming month.

Weekly Accountability Prompt: Each week you will share your three action items. At the end of the week you will let us know how that is going. When you keep talking about your actions with a safe group, magic happens.

Bi-Monthly Coaching. You will grapple with different aspects of your plan — sometimes it might be how to make dinner less stressful during a launch, and another time you might have holiday stress since your sitter quit. Twice a month, I will host a Q and A. You will submit your Qs in advance, and sometimes a guest might even pop onto answer…

Lean into your life for a year...
If all the outcomes are appealing to you, I am asking that you consider your healthy habits for a year, so they become a lifestyle instead of a dream that fades away after a few weeks. I have 6-week courses. They are great. Everyone always carries away one big thing.

That said the magic of FLOW 365 is that you have to make life work in all sorts of circumstances.
  • Throughout the SEASONS.
  • When kids are in SCHOOL and when kids are on VACATION.
  • During busy WELL DAYS and lazy SICK DAYS.
  • When IN-LAWS are in town.
  • When you go on a FAMILY VACATION.
  • 365 DAYS a year and 1,095 MEALS — plus SNACKS.
What others have said about
working with Mia...
“I just want to say, that I admit, I was skeptical that adding anything to my schedule was actually do-able. I’m happy to report that these are truly manageable tasks! Thank you for being true to your word! “
– Heather, Mom of 3
“I never thought I would be cutting
out ALL the foods you suggested, but here I am about 5 days in to clean eating and I already notice a huge difference in my mood and general well being. So thank you for making a plan that starts small. It really allows you to grow into a lifestyle change as opposed to making aggressive changes that have always led to failure.”
– Elizabeth, Busy Mom

“For weeks, I’ve been weighing
myself daily. No movement in weeks. This week, 2.5 lbs down!!! I’m certain that this is because of your "basic" tips!! Thanks!” – Star, Momma of 3
The next cohort starts in July! Space will be limited, and awarded on a first come first serve basis. I am looking for 40 women. I have carefully curated an application to make sure, we will make a great team, and you will get great results!
Q & A
Why a monthly membership?

I have offered a 6 week program on food a few times. The mamas who did it raved about it, but they all asked the same question at the end, “Can I do it again?” They all wanted more time — after all this is a practice that takes time, and changes throughout the year.

I have dished out done-for-you meal plans. These were amazing and thorough, but in the end they were not empowering because they were based on my own personal needs and rythyms as a mom.. You need something that streamlines YOUR food and YOUR day, not mine.

Worried about time?
I have created this lab experience with time in mind. The course material is designed to save you time in the long run! A year is a long time, but if you are going to really change your ways, it will take at least a year. If you get busy... Great! We are here for you a few weeks in when you are needing to get back on track.
Worried about cost?

I created this structure to be affordable. Past programs have always been more expensive, and my heart always sank at the emails from moms who really want to make a change but couldn’t afford it. This time it is affordable, and will save you money on groceries, dentists, and doctors in the long term! Still feeling like it is too much? Email me at [email protected] I just may have an idea for an entrepreneurial mom.

What if my child has lots of food allergies?

We do not serve nut allergies that well, but have had moms with nut allergies go through our programs substitute seeds. We are perfect for anyone who can’t eat gluten or dairy. And our modules certainly help with creating a better life for yourself while dealing with what feels like a lot of restrictions.

What if you don’t like it?

I’m not going to lie, living a healthy life and raising kids who make awesome choices is a journey. It has its ups and downs and twists and turns. But if you spend a year with us, navigating the seasons, holidays, school year and everything else that comes your way,  I promise you will see lasting changes in your habits and your children’s too. You can pay in full and get the great perk of lifetime access or pay by the month. If you really don't like it, no worries, we will give you your money back for the first 30 days.

The Lab goes far beyond recipes and meal planning. You’ll be learning and integrating new habits that will change how you live as a family, teaching your children to make healthy choices that will follow them into adulthood.
Who is this Mia character?
I envision a world where kids crave salads, moms feel healthy and energetic, and the whole family feels fabulous after every meal — and I hope you will join me on this journey.

Once 85 pounds overweight and exhausted, I lived the same principles I teach in the Lab and lost the weight. I was surprised to find I also had boundless energy, and eliminated lifelong seasonal allergies and medications I thought were normal. Soon afterward, I dedicated myself to developing simple recipes and solutions for moms everywhere to eat clean and create a more peaceful family rhythm at home.

I am committed to bringing the amazing benefits of eating clean to other moms, and teaching in a way that is easy, actionable and works. I am #1 International best selling author, motivational speaker and mom of three amazing kids.

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